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A Literary Analysis to Shitty First Drafts Essay

Writing does non always flummox out of course for neither inexperience nor experience generators. In shitty first rough drawings, the talented author, Anne Lamott changes the misconception that indite comes out naturally for a professional generator. Lamontt also organize the common problems that all writers encounter when piece while providing the reader with advice to jump past their problems when writing.Lamott states The right words and sentences conscionable do non come pouring out like ticker tape most of the duration for writers. People have this unreasonable perspective that experienced writers do not have any problems when it comes to writing or that experienced writers gage just sit down and write a perfect brief. However, experienced writers do go through the common motion, such as not sharp where to start or where to write more than one rough draft. hitherto though, experienced writers go through the common motion listed above, they do not allow those co mmon motions to defeat them, besides that is what makes them professional writers.A child like draft is a rough draft which the writer can just write freely and write about anything that comes to object. Lamott states The first draft is the childs draft, where you allow it all pour out and let it romp all over the place, Knowing that no one is handout to see it and that you can shape it later. A child like draft consists of fragment sentences, run on, misspelling, and many other in corrections. A writer should never be ashamed of their child like draft because it helps pee new ideas. If the writer does not have a clue on how to start their writing, it helps the writer see what fits the topic and what does not and prepares the writer for the lowest draft.Internal and impertinent distractions are common problems that writer experience when writing these distractions can come in many form such as a cell phone, T.V, useless thoughts, and even people. Distractions whether interna l or external prevent someone from focusing on their preparation for writing their assignment. To rid of being overwhelmed by distractions whether internal or external someone must(prenominal) disregard the things that are not beneficial to their writing, even if it means determination a secluded place to write.Furthermore, writers must keep in mind that there are going to be temporary problems in their writing process and that these problems can be conquered. Writer should never allow these problems to present their writing on a halt, but if these problems do then writer should implement the advice that is found in shitty first drafts.

Starbucks Case Accounting

Starbucks Case burst I Prior to reading Starbucks Form 10-K, please answer the undermentioned questions. Your answers should be shankd upon your frequent knowledge of Starbucks, gained from visiting their stores, buying their products and/or observing them in the marketplace. a. Up until the economic downturn (Fall of 2008) what do you believe was Starbucks development scheme? hold back triplet examples of proper(postnominal) actions ( egression initiatives) you observed Starbucks exe disrupte upon as part of their product st rungy? 1. Satu locate the U. S. arket Based on our observations, it seemed that Starbucks primary st castgy for developing was to modify the U. S. market. At wizard point there seemed to be a Starbucks at all corner, sometimes so close that one had to wonder why in the heck they were interruption stores within a brace dozen feet from for each one an naked(prenominal)(prenominal). 2. Expand internationally We presume that one of their return g oals was to expand abroad, specially if they began to realize they were great dealnibalizing their own established stores, so they credibly had to go outside of the U. S. o keep up their growth targets. 3. bankrupt complementary products/alternative taxation sources We withal think that around 2006-2007 was when they started to enkindle download fair to middling music and also began to sell CDs & books in stores which means they began to much aggressively add alternative revenue impart, beyond that of c takeee/drinks, to their m all locations. (Personally, I purchased a bottle of Starbucks c glumee liqueur around that time, which I lock a guidance necessitate because its non as good as early(a) coffee liqueurs such as Kahlua. b.How do you believe Starbucks measured their achievement in executing their growth strategy? Give four particular measures you might use to evaluate the victor of Starbucks growth strategy. Very likely that they were measuring it against yield of new stores opened, and gross revenue growth. We would probably use the following to evaluate the success of Starbucks growth strategy 1. Sales growth. 2. in ope dimensionn(p) Revenues. 3. Net income. 4. Return on pluss. The remaining sections of the case should be complete after you have read Starbucks Form 10-K and whatsoever other schooling deemed pertinent. lead off II Results of the audit by Starbucks outside independent accountant, view of Starbucks financial disciplineing ascendances and sedulousness particular proposition accounting. a. Who is Starbucks outside independent tender? Did Starbucks receive a qualified or unqualified (clean) audit report from their outside independent auditor for the 2010 mo engagementary twelvemonth end? a. Deloitte & Touche, LLP. b. Unqualified. b. What was Starbucks concerns coda in their report on inside control for financial reporting? What was the outside independent auditors cobblers brave out regarding managements revie w and assessment of financial reporting controls? . That their internal control over financial reporting was effective as of October 3, 2010. d. That Starbucks maintain effective internal control over financial reporting as of October 3, 2010. c. How does Starbucks account for present humors? What mend do unredeemed gift cards have on the reported run income in each year? How does Starbucks accounting for unredeemed gift cards comp atomic number 18 to other retailers? e. Revenues for cards are recognized when tendered for payment, or upon redemption. Out hold watering balances are include in deferred revenue on the balance sheet.Balances on cards that are deemed marvellous to be redeemed, get recognized as mesh fill income. f. operational income is change magnitude by balances on cards thought unlikely to be redeemed therefore, it can be argued that direct income is being exaggerated by the addition of unlikely-to-be-redeemed card balances to illuminate interest inco me. g. Gift card balances by other retailers are probably carried as a li qualification (unearned revenue). When gift cards are not redeemed, some retailers return the balances to the ground where the card was issued assuming the unclaimed balance to be unclaimed shoes in some states.As seen above, Starbucks does carry outstanding balances as deferred revenue (a liability) as well, but once the cards are deemed unlikely to be redeemed, it treats the unclaimed balance as an asset. Part III Trend abbreviation of Sales and Earnings Growth During 2006 2010 Review Starbucks income statement and common sizing income statement for the age 2006 through 2010. Identify and comment on the study abbreviates in the growth in Starbucks gross gross sales and sugar, including a. Sales growth was Starbucks sales growth consistent or inconsistent over the above fivesome year block?Do you see signs of acceleration or slowing in Starbucks historic growth place? How does Starbucks sale s growth equalize to its pains norm outs? Are same store sales or the opening of new stores the much important situationor in driving Starbucks sales growth during this period? Do you believe Starbucks sale styles over the old few years will continue over the next twain to three years? Please interpret rationale for your belief. Starbucks sales growth was inconsistent over the above 5 year period. Data from the run short 5 years suggests that Starbucks growth rate is actually decelerating.Starbucks sales growth was below the industry sales growth. The industry has average 9. 25% over the abide 5 years time Starbucks averaged 7. 5% only. The opening of new stores is vital to Starbucks sales strategy. During 2006, 2007, and 2008, Starbucks added 2199, 2571, and 1669 inter straighten out stores. During the same years, sales grew by 22%, 21%, and 10% respectively. During 2009, Starbucks reduced 45 stores and their sales dropped by 7%. In 2010, Starbucks added 223 stores an d not surprisingly their sales step-upd by 10%. In our opinion, Starbucks sales will continue to grow but at a decreasing rate over the next 2 to 3 years.This projection is unintellectuald on historical sales info from the stand 5 years which suggest a deceleration of sales growth. Starbucks average sales growth for the last 5 years is 11%. In 2006, Starbucks sales grew by 22%. This suggests a deceleration of sales growth. b. make margins did gross margins expand, contract or hold stabilise over the period? What major factors account for the trend youve set? The gross margin has held steady over the last 5 years ranging anywhere from 55% to 59%. Gross margin is affected by sales and speak to of sales. c. run(a) expense make sure you look at operate(a) expenses in both absolute dollar landmarks and as a pct of sales. Did operate expenses grow slower, faster or at the same rate as revenues? Would you expect to see much leverage on Starbucks cost base, given their growth history? (Note operating leverage is demonstrated when a companys operating expenses grow at slower rate than its sales, thereby resulting in operating earnings growing faster than sales. ) Do you believe Starbucks cost base is more(prenominal) or lessly fixed, mostly variable or an equal mix of each?What implication does the structure of Starbucks cost base (i. e. % fixed / variable) have on the relationship between the growth rates of revenues and earnings? Make sure you present study to actualise your conclusion. operating(a) expenses have expectant at a high(prenominal) rate than revenues over the last 5 years. Revenues grew at an average of 7% while operating expenses have grown at an average of 11. 34%. Based on these number, we expect to see less leverage on Starbucks cost base as operating expenses are growing at a high rate than revenues.The fact that Starbucks operating expenses are growing at a higher(prenominal) rate than its revenues shows that Starbucks cost b ase is mostly variable. This is also prove by the income statement as most of Starbucks operating expenses are terms of Sales and Store operate expenses. Most of these are usually variable. Having more variable expenses usually means that earnings will not ineluctably grow at the same rate as revenues. This is demonstrated by the income statement from the last 5 years. Starbucks revenues and earnings have grown at different rates over each year of the last 5 years.The average earnings growth per year over the last 5 years is 12. 62% as compared to an average sales growth per year of 7. 5%. d. Operating income have operating earnings grown at the same rate, faster or slower than sales? What factors (e. g. gross margins, operating expense/charges) account for the trend youve identified? Be specific and forget fill-in for your answer. Operating income has grown at a faster rate than sales on a per year hind end over the last 5 years. Sales growth has averaged 7. 5% per year as compared to an operating income growth of 11. 75% per year during the same period.The reason that operating income has grown so fast is because Starbucks new-fashionedly do changes to its cost structure that made it more efficient. As per the 10-k statement filed with the SEC, Starbucks decreased its Cost of Sales by 260 basis points by making their supply chain process more efficient. This resulted in lower food, beverage, and opus packaging costs. Because of its sales leverage, Starbucks was also able to decrease its occupancy costs. Because of the reduced costs, Starbucks was able to have a higher operating income in 2010. This cause the 5 year average to jump up to 11. 75%.Also contributing to this growth was the fact that sales change magnituded at a higher rate than operating expenses. Therefore, operating income also went up at a higher rate than sales. e. Net Income has net income grown at the same rate, faster or slower than sales? What factors (e. g. gross margins, op erating expense, non-operating items) account for the trend youve identified? Be specific and provide dungeon for your answer. Net Income has affixd at a higher rate than sales also on a per year basis for the last five years. In fact, Net Income has pretty much reflect Operating Income in growth.The factors tied to Net Income are Sales, Operating Expenses, Interest, and Taxes. Taxes remained comparatively proportionate EBT each year. During each of the 5 years, Starbucks experienced a affirmatory interest income for 3 years and a negative for 2 years. This helped Starbucks cast up their Net Income. However, the factor that affected Net Income the most was Operating Expenses. Operating expenses grew at a slower rate than sales from 2006 to 2010. This resulted in Starbucks having a higher Operating Income which in turn resulted in a higher net income. Starbucks net income grew by 142. 2% in 2010 from the previous year. This self-aggrandising change resulted in the average net i ncome growth rate to increase to 12. 62%. During the same period, Sales has grown by 7. 5% and operating expenses grew by 7%. All of this contributed to the Net Income growing at a higher rate than sales. f. Earnings per serving Does Starbucks earnings per share increase/decrease at a rate consistent with revenue and net income. why is this? Do you expect this relationship to continue into the future? Starbucks EPS increases and decreases at a rate consistent with net income but not sales.This is because earnings per share are calculated by taking the net income and dividing that into the number of shares outstanding. As a result, there is a direct correlation with net income and not sales. We expect this relationship to continue in the future as long as the number of shares outstanding doesnt change drastically each year. Part IV compend of Operating Efficiency, liquid state and Solvency employ data included in the Form 10-K analyze Starbucks operating competency and liquidi ty. That is, answer the questions below.The ratio definitions use to calculate the figures in the Ratio Analysis table are described in the text and lecture notes. a. Operating efficiency Turnover ratios. In one paragraph, explain what the prises of turnover ratios kick downstairs about Starbucks. That is, for each ratio, discuss the trend, compare Starbucks ratio to the industry average (for receivables, inventory turnover and asset turnover only) and discuss whether the trend indicates improvements or deteriorations in operating efficiency. Can you think of any other measures that would be useful to assess Starbucks operational efficiency?Turnover ratios reveal that in 2010, Starbucks sales increased. Receivables turnover jumped up just about from previous years to 37. 31. The industrys 2009 median receivables turnover is meaning(a)ly higher than Starbucks at about 98. 64. This trend indicates that Starbucks made less sales on quote in 2010. It could also mean that Starbucks improved collecting on its accounts receivables however, since Starbucks average collection period ratio has not changed in the last three years (holding steady at about 11 days), there is no indication that collection on receivables has improved. The inventory turnover ratio of 7. 8, which slightly increased from 2009, also suggests a decrease in inventories, which is put uped by the drop of inventory assets shown on the balance sheet. This trend supports the observation that sales have increased significantly for Starbucks in 2010 which is always an improvement for any business. PP&E Turnover ratio of 4. 32, which increased from 2009, again, demonstrates higher sales since PP&E remained at similar levels as previous years per the balance sheet. nitty-gritty asset turnover, 1. 79, remained very close to last year, and is slightly less than the industry average, 1. 3. This shows Starbucks continues to generate sales at a level of almost double as much as they carry assets on their books. The fact that their asset turnover is slightly less than that of their competitors suggests that Starbucks may have more assets than their competitors. b. Liquidity In one paragraph, explain what the liquidity ratios ( afoot(predicate) ratio, quick ratio and exchange from trading operations ratio) reveal about Starbucks. Include an explanation of how the coin run for from operations ratio differs from the current and quick ratios. What is your conclusion egarding Starbucks liquidity spatial relation? With significant increases in 2010 in current ratio, 1. 55, and quick ratio, 0. 99, Starbucks is very liquid. truehearted ratio shows they have 1. 5 times current assets on the books as they do current liabilities. Likewise, the quick ratio shows they would be able to roll up current liabilities with their current assets. The money from operations ratio is . 96, which states that Starbucks cash from operations would not be enough to cover its current liabilities. This ra tio differs from the starting signal two in that it compares a cash hightail it item to a balance sheet item.It is an indication of a firms ability to pay off its current liabilities however, it is the most conservative liquidity ratio since it excludes all current assets except for the most liquid cash and equivalents. It tells that Starbucks would not quite be able to pay off all of its current liabilities with just its cash and equivalents, although it does come close. c. Solvency Interpret the mensurates of the relevant ratios and provide a conclusion regarding Starbucks ability to service its debt and risk of future insolvency. Does your conclusion change if you include off balance sheet debt.How much off balance sheet debt does Starbucks have as of the end of the most recent fiscal year? Starbucks solvency ratios suggest that it is in a soaked agency and would likely be able to service its debt as it shows low risk of future solvency. Its debt to equity ratio for 2010 of 0. 73 is at the concluding it has been in the recent five years. From 2009 Starbucks had a big increase in retained earnings, this pushed all solvency ratios including interest insurance coverage, return on assets, and return on equity up. ROA and ROE were manifold from 2009 to 0. 16 and 0. 28 respectively.Likewise, interest coverage also had a big jump due to a significant increase in earnings before interest and taxes. If we include off balance sheet debt, Starbucks debt to equity ratio increases a bit, but the trend still shows that this ratio has decreased significantly in 2010. The increase would not be enough to state that Starbucks runs a high risk of insolvency. Starbucks has $4,084. 2 in off balance sheet debt as of end of most recent fiscal year. (We assume that the numbers provided are in one million million millions). Part V Analysis of Cash Flow Refer to Starbucks cash flow statement a.During the past three years, what was Starbucks largest source of cash? What w ere Starbucks two largest uses of cash? a. For the past 3 years, the largest source of cash for Starbucks was Net earnings including non-controlling assets from its operating activities. Starbucks two largest uses of cash were additions to property, plant and equipment, as well as purchasing available for sale securities. It is stated in the 10-k that the major components of the PPE spending were remodeling and upgrading equipment in stores, as well as updating the IT infrastructure of the retail network. b.For the past three fiscal years, has Starbucks chief financial officer been adequate to origin its growth initiatives? If no, how has Starbucks funded the chief financial officer shortfalls to fund growth? a. As stated in the 10-K Starbucks believes that cash flows generated from operations and existing cash and short term targetments should be enough to support their core business activities. However, it is also stated that new business opportunities, vocalize ventures, and a cquisitions would have to utilize outside funding sources. Starbucks has augmented to their cash flows by heavily investing in available for sale securities, and purchasing US Agency and enthronization grade bonds.These investments, and outside financing, can be utilise to fund growth initiatives while chief financial officer can be used to support Starbucks core retail business. The 10K also mentions that the issuance of commercial-grade paper and its proceeds can be used for working detonator needs, treetopital expenditures, and other corporate purposes, including acquisitions and share purchases. c. Based on your review of Starbucks cash flow statement, has Starbucks growth been driven by organic growth or acquisitions? Provide support for your answer. a.Starbucks growth has been driven organically, with strong, steady growth in net earnings including non-controlling interests, and investing a large keep down of cash in property, plant, and equipment by opening new retail locations and upgrading existing stores and information systems. By utilizing CFO and short term investment earnings to support their core business, Starbucks has maintained a high growth, very successful retail operation. Acquisitions play a minor role compared to the growth and earnings from operating activities. d. If Starbucks continues to grow at its historic rates, does it appear that Starbucks CFO can fund this growth?If CFO isnt sufficient, how might Starbucks fund its future growth? a. Yes, it does appear that Starbucks CFO can fund its historic growth. This is stated in the 10k CFO and short term investments, as well as any potential future borrowings and the commercial paper program can support the existing core business as well as related to marketing support, product innovations, and new business opportunities related to the core business. If CFO is not sufficient to fund the historic growth, Starbucks can utilize channels within the investment and finance sections of the cash flow statement.Particularly, Starbucks can invest more heavily in short term investments, and utilize the commercial paper program. Additionally, Starbucks purchases available for sale securities heavily these could be sold in the future to fund any growth where CFO is not adequate to support the core business. e. During the past three fiscal years, what dollar amount of common storehouse did Starbucks buyback and what dollar amount of dividends did they pay? Why would Starbucks repurchase their own stock and/or pay a dividend? How does this impact Starbucks ability to fund future growth?How did Starbucks strategy with regard to share repurchases and dividends change during the past few years? Why did it change? a. In 2008, Starbucks repurchased $ 311. 4 million in common stock. In 2009, Starbucks did not repurchase any stock. In 2010, Starbucks repurchased $ 285. 6 million in common stock. Starbucks may want to repurchase their own stock so that they can increase their earnings per share ratio. This is especially true if Starbucks shares were perceived as undervalued, as Starbucks can repurchase the shares and hold them in the treasury for future reissuance at a higher price.Starbucks may be able to obtain more financing and loans with better earnings per share ratio as well. Dividends can be paid to shareholders to increase the value of their shares, and encourage other interested parties to purchase Starbucks shares. Paying dividends is a way to help impact substantiating future growth by making the purchase of Starbucks stock more profitable more people will want to buy it providing more cash for Starbucks to utilize. In the 10-k, it is stated that Starbucks had 1. 7 billion in CFO for 2010 compared to 1. 4 billion in fiscal 2009, and capital expenditures were approximately 440 million in both fiscal years.This left roughly $460 million for stock repurchases and dividends. Starbucks had to repay short term borrowings in 2008 and 2009, but di d not have to use cash for repayment in 2010. The cash that would have been used to payback short term borrowings could instead be used to repurchase stock and pay dividends. Thus, the strategy changed because Starbucks was able to operate without short term borrowings in 2010, and was able to pass on the excess case to shareholders. Part VI Market Valuation a. What is Starbucks net book value as of the end of the most recent fiscal year?What was Starbucks market capitalization as of that date? Why is there a discrimination in these two amounts? What specific items do you think interpret the difference? Starbucks net book value as of the end of 2010 fiscal year was $3,611,500,000 while its market cap was $19,270,826,000. The reason that the two numbers are different is because the net book value is calculated by taking the total assets of Starbucks and subtracting its intangible assets and total liabilities, while the market cap is calculated by multiplying the outstanding share s into the stock price.Because each is calculated exploitation 5 different numbers, there will almost always be a difference in the two numbers. b. Do you believe the difference between Starbucks net book value and market capitalization will increase or decrease in the future? What specific factors or trends identified in Starbucks financial information (or identified elsewhere) support your view? We believe that the difference between Starbucks net book value and market capitalization will decrease in the future.One of the biggest reasons for this is the fact that Starbucks restructured its Supply Chain process to lower costs. As a result, net income grew by 142% in 2010. This was a huge turnaround by Starbucks in one year and it can be attributed to the fact that leadership identified and implemented this cost saving mechanism. Another trend that indicates that Starbucks is on its way back is the fact that they opened more stores than they closed in the last 2 years. This strateg y is key to Starbucks succeeding. Third, Starbucks gross margin has remained constant in the last 5 years notwithstanding the down years.This shows that management knows how to cut down on costs when times are rough, or that despite financial downturns, people are still willing to pay for big-ticket(prenominal) coffee. Conclusion Refer to your responses in Part 1 How do the results of your abridgment in Parts II through VI support or contradict your original thoughts regarding Starbucks growth strategy and the success or misery of the three action areas (growth initiatives) you identified? Our assumption on their strategy to saturate the U. S. Market by building as any stores as practicable is supported by our discussion on sales growth, which shows that there is a direct correlation between sales revenue growth and net new stores opened. Likewise, in analyzing the CFO, we concluded that Starbucks has grown organically through their investment in PP&E, which corroborates our o riginal thoughts. Although they probably realized they were overdoing it with having a Starbucks on every corner, their growth strategy of increasing store numbers has been a success for the company as sales have also increased.Going forward, the contest will be to maintain high sales rates while being able to cover its large PP&E/overhead expenses. Although we didnt really analyze the impact of international expansion in our analysis above, according to the companys 10-K, operating income from international activities more than doubled from 2009 to 2010 however, this increase was mostly due to foreign currency translation among other things. Therefore, our original thoughts are not necessarily proven by the data that we analyzed. Finally, we stated that one of Starbucks growth strategies was to develop alternative revenue sources.As we looked deeper at the reasons for sales growth, we noticed that licensing and food service both were strong contributors to the increases in net rev enues. Our discussion on sales growth indirectly supports this hypothesis, since the increase in net revenues was affected by an increase in average value per transaction (as stated in the 10-K). This means that customers are not just buying coffee at the checkout stand because Starbucks is being successful at selling other complimentary goods on with their drinks. Therefore, this is definitely being a successful growth strategy for Starbucks.

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My Space To Breathe

I allow several Indian friends in the Los Angeles area, with whom I throw away shared good clock times and bad. I have slept in their homes, and even been considered by their parents a genuine part of their families. nonetheless I disliked the f fleck that Indian families can often act only the basis of feelings. I blamed their emotionally charged natures on the Indian soap operas they watched day after day. I disliked those Indian shows even though I had watched only two of them in my consummate life. Still, I knew that it was best not to feel contradict emotions in myself.The Indian dramas that my friends families loved to watch daily were just slow motion pictures in my opinion. Each moment of each drama focused on foggy and unreal adventures in emotions. Nothing went very far. Crying getting criminal offense about everything under the bright blue sky and blaming one some other were the themes of these shows. I disliked them with all my heart. And, whenever it was time f or my friends families to watch those Indian shows, I found myself leaving their homes. I was even uncomfortable leaving in those moments, given that my own negative emotions were obnoxious enough to seem to pass me because I did not infer them at all.In order to understand these emotions, despite the fact that I loved my Indian families, I make an effort to watch Kyunke Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thee (2006) with my friends another time. While watching the show this time, I was observant of my own reactions and feelings. At the same time, I observed the others in the TV lounge watching the show with me. Two of the aunts of my friend, Vijay, sobbed during the show. I try to suppress my own strange emotions at this point. As luck would have it,Vijay, his mom, and his dad started to laugh during the show soon after I had witnessed his prick aunts I relaxed there and then, and from that point on, the show was a breeze.Even though Kyunke Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thee lasts only thirty minutes e ach time, five days a week, I disliked it the first two times I watched it. I had witnessed real sad emotional dramas in my Indian friends homes before I had watched the show, which was perhaps the main reason why I detested the emotion packed drama on television. I believed that it was the TV drama that had taught my Indian friends to overreact to issues. I also believed that this drama was a bad deviate on me Obviously, I was being oversensitive at the same time as I blamed the drama for teaching oversensitivity to its viewers. Besides, I was not thinking that it is the individual himself with the prerogative to allow conditioning of any sort. nobody can force us to be influenced by anything.Now I have stopped detesting the Indian shows that I previously could not digest. I can stay in my friends homes as long as I please. Apart from this, I have understood that my Indian families have a right to feel and believe whatever they do. Choosing emotions over the intellect some a tim es is their choice and responsibility. And if I love them, I moldiness do so regardless of the different perspectives we have about dealing with ourselves and others. While I imagine that I am granting my Indian friends this blank space to breathe, in actuality this space is mine to occupy. I give up my negative emotions today and for ever. For sure, it was difficult to breathe in negativity.ReferencesStar Plus. (30 December 2006). Kyunke Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thee. TV Series.

Meaningful Color

Meaningful pretension. Colors and symbols have been having shamanistic power since human original them, so colors and symbols have been utilized by symbolizing aboutthing with the opthalmic effects. Here are some interesting examples. There are some outpourings that are taboo each country. In France, mostly carnation is not a present for someone but carnation is a flower of celebration for the Parents Day in sec Korea. Also, lily meaning is death in the United States and a uninfected chrysanthemum is same meaning with lily in South Korea. Meaning of the color is different in each country.China believes that red is genuinely lucky color but red is the color of blood and perish in South Korea. Korean thinks that if your name is written by Red-pen, you would be died. In the past, populate also used a red canal to erase for the name of a person who died. Sometimes In in truth close friends make a prank such as spare friends name in red, means I despise you. Of course, red i s a happy color that represents the Christmas and Valentines Day, but we do not use red color for name. In addition, the unobjectionable has a triplex symbolism. Regardless of the East and the West, the white means clean and pure, it is the main color of the wedding dress of bride.On the separate hand, white is the color of death. We dedicate white flowers the memorial or funeral. There are many different fount of flower in each country but it is all white flowers. White lily flower in America, the white chrysanthemum in Korea, Japan is a white carnation. Especially, in the traditional funeral in Korea, Chief mourners do that in the case of women put a white ribbon as a hairpin and man attach white ribbon to the chest as a brooch during 49 geezerhood after funeral. They believe that 49 days elapsed, souls completely away from worldly life.Korean funeral would be imagined if Korean look at the white ribbon hairpin. In this way, the meaning of colors and symbols on the diversity tradition, culture and customs, the feeling is different in each country. When we will be in contact with foreign cultures, it will be matter. Furthermore you motivating to know to design, especially on the world stage. I suggest that people to have kinds of funny manners rather than superstition also I think that it is handled a little carefully as international manners, at that place will be a major role to understand the other countries.

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The kinds of influences that affect children and young people

2.1 show with examples the kinds of influences that impact children and new-fangled people.Different kinds of influences within each areaExample of how the influence could affect children and young people BackgroundParent and child stable relationship, love, affection, family values, quality time It could affect their approaching relationships with partners and also their own children but if they do receive its showing them how a parent / com/explaining-of-the-child-protection-in-the-wider-concept-of-safeguarding-children-and-young-people/child relationships should and atomic number 50 be because they went through it themselves and experienced, that sort of goes both ship canal with background either bad or good can affect them.HealthIllness or disabilitiesIt separates them from others and can affect their sense of belonging where they are non able to join in with other children and could possibly influence them to opine they might not ever fit in, whether it be sports, jobs o r kindly events in adult life.EnvironmentMoving to a new house/area disturbed and anxious to whether they will settle in and make new friends. omit their old friends and family. If always moving theres no perceptual constancy or structure which can affect their sense of normality and slight likely to stick at things. If to a smash area it can help them in many ways better education, health facilities, better opportunities for their future. TDA 2.1 LO 2.2 describe with examples the importance of recognising and responding to concerns The Importance of recognising and responding to concernsIf a problem was not accepted and responded to quickly enough that problem could escalate and become much to a greater extent worse than originally and could be much harder to help out, more slander could be done.Example of concern How would you respond?A child not take in lunchTell a senior member of staff while volunteering but if engaged I would also tell senior members of staff and wil l sort further into it and will speak to child parents.A child taking sustenance from other childrenSame as above in that sense.A child being bulliedSame as above but will also speak to the bullys parent/s.

Osmosis in Red Onion Cells

Osmosis in Red Onion Cells By Youssef Gharib apprise Description of Osmosis in Red Onion jail cellphones Osmosis is the diffusion of water from an subject field of low concentration to an ara of high concentration across a semi-permeable membrane. The purpose of this lab is to compare the three different sheaths of final results affect on the relative surface of the vacuole to the cell, the outmost membrane of onion plant ruddy cells (tunics) are used to figure out the different types. In the fierce onion you can see effects promptly when the onion cells are located in different type of firmness of purposes.The effect of the solutions is shown through the color patch within the membrane since thats where the vacuoles are present. Question How will the vacuole within(a) the cells of the outer membrane of a red onion react when deionized water, a 1%, and a 10% saline solution solution are added to the cells? system If a saline solution is added to the outer membran e of a red onion cell, then based on the count of the solution, it will progress to the vacuole inside the cell to become hypertonic thus ricocheting in sizing.This is because water moves from inside the vacuole, to the cell since the saline solution is entering the vacuole. season if deionized water is added on to cell, then the vacuole size should get larger or stay the same. Variables In hooked Variables type of solution, amount of solution, and the type of onion. Levels of IV Deionized water, 1% saline solution, 10% saline solution, red onion outer membrane. checker group Red onion without any solution added to it. Dependent Variables amount of water inside the vacuole. Controlled Variables . Constant temperature this will be insured by keeping the room at a invariable temperature of 21 degrees, because if temperature is not kept constant, the selective information might be stirred. 2. Type of onion this will be insured by using the same onion (red onion) to involve d ata, if a different type of onion is used, this might cause the data to be inaccurate. 3. Microscope while collecting data, and observing what happens to the red onion, the same microscope shall be used for observing what happens to the vacuoles. Materials * Red Onion Scissors/ Scalpel * Microscope * 1%, 10% saline solutions * Deionized/Distilled water * Plastic cups * Cover slips Procedure 1. Take a small piece of onion and peel off a rag week of the purple undress. Cut a piece of skin about the size of a little fingernail. 2. Place the piece onto a microscope slide, and put it under the microscope to drop data as this is the image group. 3. Then add louvre drops of deionized water onto the slide, then record qualitative and vicenary observations on the size of the vacuole inside the cell. 4.Then repeat step one, and put the piece of skin on another microscope slide. 5. Add five drops of 1% saline solution on the slide, then record qualitative and quantitative observations on the alternate in size of the onion cell vacuole. 6. Step four was iterate, then five drops of 10% saline solution were dropped onto the slide. Record qualitative and quantitative observations again on the change in size of the onion cell vacuole. 7. Steps 2, 3, 5, and 6 were all save under high-power aim in the microscope. 8. Clean and dry slide and coverslip.Data/Data hold over The effect of Deionized water, 1%, and 10% saline solution on the outer membrane of a red onion Amount of water inside the vacuoles No solution (control group) Deionized water 1% solution 10% solution Before snow% 100% 100% 100% After 100% 100% 85% 65% % change 0% 0% 15% 35% Qualitative data/ Observations No change, purple onion cell walls scarce visible No change, deionized water didnt cause vacuoles to shrink Vacuoles shrank, but not significant amount. Vacuoles shrank a lot, and are visibly hypertonic Data AnalysisIn the lab, observations were recorded to see how a 1% saline solution and a 10% saline solution affected the size of the vacuole inside the cells of the outer membrane of a red onion. The case-by-case variables in the essay were the type of solution, amount of solution, and the type of onion. There was a 1% saline solution and a 10% saline solution. The type of onion used in this test was a red onion, and the purple outer membrane was used to record data. The control group that the experiment was based upon was a slice of the outer membrane without any solutions added to it.The dependent variable was the amount of water inside the vacuole that changed based on the add-on of the saline solutions, and the deionized water. The controlled variables in the experiment were constant temperature, the type of onion, and the microscope. The constant temperature would be insured by keeping the room at a constant temperature of 21 degrees (room temp. ), because if temperature is not kept constant, the data would be affected. The type of onion will be insured by using th e same onion (red onion) to collect data, if a different type of onion is used, this would increase circumstances of wrongful conduct while collecting data.While collecting data, and observing what happens to the red onion, the same microscope was used for observing what happens to the vacuoles. The data collected and observations recorded showed that the more(prenominal) concentrated the saline solutions were, the more the vacuole shrunk in size. For example, when the 1% solution was added, only 15% of the vacuole bemused water, while when the 10% solution was added, 35% of the vacuole lost water. The deionized water however showed barely any change in size, so it did not shrink or grow.The percentages recorded in the data hedge though were not accurate since they were just assumptions because the tools to correctly measure the percent change were not present. Since the experiment was only conducted once, there were no repeated trials, leading the data to be more prone to err ors and uncertainties. other error in the data was that at first many slices of the tunic had to be peeled to finally get a mavin strand of cells, because every time a slice would be peeled, there would be a double layer of cells, cause it to be hard to see through the microscope.Conclusion and Evaluation In the lab, many conclusions were drawn from the results found. The data calculated, and the observations recorded supported the hypothesis, since in the data the saline solutions caused the vacuoles to shrink, and the deionized water caused the vacuole to stay the same. The saline solutions caused the vacuoles to shrink because since there was more salt outside the vacuole, the vacuole became hypertonic causing it to release water and absorb salt into the vacuole.The use of a control group in this experiment establishes the basis of a means for comparison between the different levels of IV and the control group. The procedure was not as descriptive as possible, and could arri ve been more explanatory, and instructive. L fictives in the experiment could have been that the tunic of the red onion was not thin enough to record accurate data since it was very hard to get a single strand of cells without having two strands on top of each other. Another imitation in the experiment wouldve been that the correct tools to measure the quantitative data in the experiment were not present, and it caused the data to be approximated, and not accurate. A weakness in the experiment could have been that at first, the saline solutions didnt reckon to change the size of the vacuoles, until another observation was conducted from the microscope and it became visibly different. An error in the experiment wouldve included only having one trial, and not repeating any.Another error couldve been contaminations with the contact of the cells with skin, and or contaminations with the dropper used for the experiment. Improvements that couldve been made to this experiment were repeat ed trials to make the data more precise, also a commission to measure the relative size of the vacuole to the cell more accurately. Another proceeds couldve been using a microscope with higher magnification and resolution leading to interrupt image quality and better data. Protocol Diagram

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Novel and Robinson

theology A Trivial Conundrum Religion in fiction, such(prenominal) corresponding godliness in politics, has grown to be considered taboo. Religious characters argon often expected to be comedic and used except as observational or secondary. Their only true attri stille is that of piety, playing on sure-enough(a) stereotypes to drive the characterization. In a world where being politically decline gets in the commission of day-to-day talk, approaching controversial topics in e very(prenominal) form of writing ignore be computen as potentially unprofitable, to a fault risque.The competitive market of publishing doesnt allow room for mistakes any longer and its easier to stay on the safe route than to stray on alternative, smaller often more interesting roads that may or may non lead to success. This makes literature that deals with the religious on a primary level all the more rargon and exciting to read. Marilynne Robin tidingss Gilead is wholeness such example. Rel igion is indisputably in the forefront of this tale and, although it may not be the catalyst of the fibbers writing, it is, without a doubt, virtuoso of Gileads main themes.The falsehoods very format is all the same d ace in such a opusner that its sole design looks to emphasize the holy, the divine religion, in referenceicular, Christianity. The certain is written from the perspective of posterior Ames, an old Reverend, on his deathbed, writing his final words to his then s level-year-old watchword in the form of a letter. A sparer his entire life, Ames uses his better light beam as a measure to insure that his intelligence whap nighthing of his life, sluice if Ames has passed away years before the son ever gets a chance to read the letter.The novel reads middling like a diary, a spiritual one at that. At every corner scriptures are referenced or Ames faith several(prenominal)how fits into the narration. Robinson very easily transmits Ames unvaried remembrance of Christianity by plucking in allusions to graven im date, the perform, or his work, not to mention the to the highest degree over-usage of the word Christlike. Religion very early on is dealt with as an important subject and as the book continues, it gains more and more conviction in the spotlight.While initially one could think that the novel would boil down less with the nature of Christianity, since Ames even says that he does not with to persuade his son to follow his footsteps in the Ministry even if he does elevation out some of its advantages1 as it roles forward, the focus drifts ever rigorousr to paragon and how the world itself reminds Ames of the sacred. The narrators descriptive tendencies, in themselves are alike a way Robinson finds to allude to the religious.They are Ames way of referencing Gods work, attempting to capture the profuseness that he sees in the world, and transmitting it to his son via words, some(prenominal) like God did to Moses. All th at is beautiful, all that is right, it would in that respect seem, is thanks to the Al forcey. Robinson uses a very poetical tone in her writing of this novel, which helps connect the secular with the divine and emphasizes even more the novels religious nature.As Robinson herself said in an interview, both poetry and theology push conventional definitions and explore perceptions that might be ignored or passed off as conventional, but when they are pressed yield practically larger meanings, seem to be element of a very much larger system of reality. 2 A poetic diction, on that pointfore, lends to the indorser more easily identifying with the holy. It is easier to connect with the abstract when using a phraseology that lends itself more readily to emotions and ideology rather than straightforward storytelling and facts.In this manner, the non sequitur tendencies of the novel also lend to the goal of lifting the reader to a theological level. Robinson also has Ames mention po ets such as John Donne and George Hebert, stressing the importance of the lyrical. The poetic quality, additionally, is not presented in an overly romanticized fashion, but more as a part of Ames view of life. He speaks of the world as Gods masterpiece and, has small details such as, smelling the rain3 or a cockle floating past a window, fat and wobbly and ripening toward that dragonfly blue they repeal just before they burst,4 take on holy connotations to the readers.The mortal(a) and divine worlds seem to mesh in Ames head maybe the moment of being so close to death. In fact, at times, Ames seems to speak as though he had already passed on, operating from a dead mans point of view. For instance he says that it is actually hard for him to guess how mortal he is those days. There are painsbut not so frequent or even so severe when they come that he is as alarmed by them as he should be. 5 As a Reverend, Ames does not consternation death, so he allows himself to be swept away with its beauty perhaps a little sooner than he should.His tone is therefore somewhat omniscient, which leads to his sounding rather obnoxious, although that may be a trait that one reserves the right to in old age. The father-son dynamic is also intrinsically important in Gilead. The whole point of Ames writing is to find a medium through which to communicate with his son. He aims, through storytelling and somewhat isolated advice, to give his son some sort of a guide for life. Basically, Ames writes his son his very own, personal Bible.This may seem like a clean conceited venture for a Reverend to undertake, and one can see from Ames vowelize that he is, even if he denies it, not the humblest of men. At many an(prenominal) an other(a)(prenominal) points throughout the novel, such as when referring to his wife and his grandad as commonwealth God may like to spend time with,6 Ames ends up equivalence himself, to some extent, with Jesus Christ essentially calling himself Go dlike. Humble, he is not. He even reaches the point of informing the reader that in sheer quantity, he has written as much Augustine and Calvin. 7 He does so in the calmest of tones, stock-still still with an undeniable thirst to spark some awe in his son. Confusingly, however, he still conceives that his life does not compare with his grandfathers. 8 It would seem that a man of the Church would hold God to the highest of esteems, but his grandfather seems to beat out the old white man in the tack at times. Ames views his grandfather in an almost unrealistic idealized view. change surface when he criticizes him, the tone is lighthearted and almost playful.At one point Ames goes as far as relating the thunder and lightning striking in the interchange with God tipping His hat to John Ames grandfather. As if to say, Glad to see you here in the stands Reverend. 9 Yet, their relationships are hard to pinpoint and Ames reverence and faith in God is indisputable which lends to a quit e confusing reading of the book. All the study conflicts and drives in this book seem to regard the father-son relationship. From the desire that leads John Ames to write his letter, to the multiple stories about his own father and grandfather, even to Jack Boughtons struggled relationship with his own dad.Ultimately, it seems that all the referencing to father-son relationships is Robinsons way of emphasizing the father-son school human beings have with God. He is the ultimate parent the nurturer and the punisher, the constant in ones life. All the various conflicts, daddy issues, and stories in the novel are therefore metaphors and allusions to the larger, more important passs human beings are approach with and their own tribulations and worries with dealing with the theological.Religion is a family affair in the Ames household. As John writes his letter, he is already the third consecutive generation of Reverends in his family. He speaks of religion as his vocation, deems hi mself to have been lucky to have had the Church in his path. The only stray of the Ames is Johns brother, who was initially increase to follow in his fathers footsteps. However, after the brothers turn to atheism, John seems to take it upon himself to fill his unworn shoes.And now, years later, when John is close to departing this earth, he once again takes it upon himself to continue his family legacy eternalize his familys contributions to Christianity in the form of a letter to his son. To John, his family life is undoubtedly linked inherently with his religious one. For example, Ames says that A man can know his father, or his son, and there might still be nothing between them but loyalty and love and mutual incomprehension. 10 Right before this phrase, he speaks of how there are things that he preaches but nonetheless truly does not understand.He very smoothly transitions from religion to family, almost as if in his mind, there were not a clear distinction. This goes to aid th e idea that all the familial conflicts in the novel are there as a tool for Robinson to constantly remind the reader of Christianity and its importance in ones life. Ames writes his letter to his son as his way of carrying on his existence, eternalizing his memory, emphasizing religions importance. Ultimately, it does seem that religion is infused in the story not only as plot device and characterization but also with deeper intents from Robinsons part to spread her faith.The father/son dynamic therefore serves much more as a subtle way of perpetuating the divine in the mundane world. It is much easier for a reader to relate with human emotions and domestic help troubles than directly with the divine and celestial. Gileads story therefore, is only a room to an end the glorification of Christianity. While writing this book, Robinson may have very swell set out with the intention of spreading the Protestant or Christian word, diffusing is subtly through fiction into the American s ubconscious. alone even if she does, she manages to do so in a peculiar and original manner. She follows the school of the Iowas Writers Workshop which goes very much against Post-Modernism and believes that a plain style is preferable to an overly decorated one. Nonetheless, Gilead does not have the sound or feel of an obsolete book. The voice is meant to be that of a man from the 1950s and the novel could have very well been written in that decade, but there is still something quite wise and original about Robinsons style.The tranquility with which she treats the theme of Religion like its just a fact of life makes so that the sermon really does just sound like fatherly advice. This novel potentially could get quite overbearing with religious undertones but the human-relationships-factor retains enough brio and presence to overpower it. The metafictional, first person narrative, also brings about the question of reliability. Ames speaks with a certainty that only age brings, he admits ignorance at many points, but they only seem to emphasize his own self-awareness.At some points in the novel, the first-person voice even seems to mix with that of Robinsons herself. I believe Ill make an experiment with candor here11 says John Ames, soon enough as a reader, I find that Robinsons own voice resounds through this phrase. It would thus be logical to conclude that Ames view of the world, and his desire to spread Christianity onward would coincide with Robinsons own desires. Even if with ulterior motives, it takes audacity to take a subject as controversial as religion and place it in the limelight of a novel. In an age of Post-Modernism (or is it Post-Post-Modernism? it is almost uplifting to find a piece of work that isnt trying to take satire and irony to the next level. By purely following an old-school agenda and format, Robinson manages to be more innovative that most other mod writers almost in the way fashion repeats itself every a couple of(preno minal) decades and old styles manage to be more cutting edge and modern than that which used to be the next-new-trend. People may criticize Robinson for infusing too much religion and personal agenda into her novel, but in the end, she is still one of the few that manage to do this without sounding overly or even overtly preachy and patronizing.This in itself is modern and forward thinking. Taboo subjects are usually those that are most interesting and worth discussing, so we cant let public perceptions and social fears impede us of share our opinions whatever they may be. 1 Marilynne Robinson. Gilead. New York Picador, 2004. 23 2 Interview with Missy Daniel. Marilynne Robinson. Religion and Ethics Newsweekly. PBS. 9 Oct. 2006 . 3 Robinson 35 4 Robinson 9 5 Robinson 75 6 Robinson 30 7 Robinson 19 8 Robinson 39 9 Robinson 46 10 Robinson 7 11 Robinson 7

Outline Christian teaching on Wealth and Poverty Essay

Christians believe that wealth is neither completely exhaustively nor speculative. Wealth can be a big advantage to those in need an example of a good apply of wealth would be building houses and shelter for the homeless, wealth can likewise promote decomposition in our world, providing the incentive for some to abuse their wealth, an example of a bad use of wealth would be buying weapons to arrange violent acts. opposite sinful things that are cause by wealth are drugs, frolic and prostitution. When population have a lot of wealth they usually commit some of these sins or all of them.Christians also believe that wealth is a good thing, but greed is not. If a wealthy person becomes prehensile they start hurting the people among them in order to earn more than and more wealth. It is easier for a poor person to give up kB if thats all they have than a greedy person to do so.Christian teach that wealthy people should be good stewards with their wealth. By this they mean that people have to use their wealth for everyone in need. likewise they believe that a persons possessions have a rightful owner which is immortal. rescuer looked around and said to his disciples, How hard it is for the rich to record the kingdom of God. The disciples were amazed at his words. But Jesus said again, Children, how hard is itto enter the kingdom of God It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of God.. point out 1023-25.In this quote Jesus is not directly formulation that by being rich you wont get into heaven. He is heavy them that by being rich it can lead to people not going to heaven. Also he is telling his disciples that the way people use their wealth defines if they are going to heaven or not. He compares the item of a rich man going to heaven with a camel go into the eye of a needle. He uses this comparison to make believe that if psyche becomes rich it is impossible for them to store riches anywhit her else except here on earth.Lastly Christians believe and teach that all wealthy people should give to charity and other people who are in poverty. They also believe its their duty to give to the poor as God has given up them all this wealth.

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Fences, August Wilson

As informative of the kind of analysis I would bring to Fences, by August Wilson, if my the interchangeable to direct is successful, O prose to plow direction for a part of present 1, Scene 3 of the frolic. This will include possible blocking, camera work, music, and what the agent should be feeling and experiencing while acting the part. I will leaven how crucial it is that the instruments portray their characters effectively, and I will offer commentary to reckon bonnie that.On the basis of these findings I will determine the function of this facet in the whole play and how the characters and ensuing events of play are necessarily different because of the presence of this scene and the manner in which its conflicts are resolved. To clip the scene, troy weight and Cory are debating with one another Corys goals and aspirations in support. It is Corys dream to play football, to receive a scholarship to play at North Carolina. In Troys eyes, his son is wasting his time .Using his fix and his past ventures in the sports world when he was younger, Troy has cr eraseed this illusion that inexorable men would n forever thrive and succeed in professional sports. He utters, The colored guy got to be as twice as ingenuous before he flummox on the team. Thats why I seizet want you to jerk off all tied up in them sports. Instead of pursuing a failed career, Troy wants Cory to work in the A&P and learn a trade such as fixing cars or building homes. Cory is in disbelief that his dad would refuse his dreams and aspirations. TROY. You damn undecomposed you areAnd aint no neediness for nobody feeler around here to talk to me ab let out tattle nothing. *distraught, the feeling one should feel when a football game should lay polish up been won, when victory was imminent, further with aids left the opposing team somehow pulls of a miracle play to win the game themselves. Cory should feel that his dreams are so secretive to beginning but in fact over because his dad refuses to harbor him* -camera zooms in on a distraught and shocked cory- CORY. (softly) Hey, Pop you croupet do that. Hes advent all the substance from North Carolina. TROY. (almost chuckling, firm) I dont care where he coming from. walks up to Cory and shoot fors in his face, almost asserting himself directly, as to make a crucial foretell) The white man aint gonna let you get nowhere with that football no way. You go on and get your book-learning so you gouge work yourself up in that A&P or lean how to fix cars or build houses or something, get you a trade. That way you have something cant nobody pull away out-of-door from you. You go on and learn how to put your hands to some hefty use. Besides hauling peoples garbage. -camera focuses right back to Corys face- CORY. (almost pleading) I get good grades, Pop. Thats why the recruiter wants to talk to with you.You got to entertain up your grades to get recruited. This way Ill be going to college. Ill get a chance -camera zooms out to capture Troy round his back on Cory, doing something entirely irrelevant- *at this point the actor performing Troy should almost be done with arguing with Cory, so sealed on his stance that either word coming out of Cory could never convince him letting his son play football. The actor should feel blotto that the argument is quiet down going, because he should feel that no more lecture is necessary. Whats decided has been decided* TROY. (interrupting) First you gonna get your bunt down there to the A&P and get your railway line back.CORY. (annoyed that his father is not bring ining him) Mr. Stawicki done already hired somebody else cause I told him I was playing football. TROY. (stunned turns back around and confronts Cory) You a bigger gain that I thought to let somebody maneuver away your job so you can play football. Where you gonna get your money to take out your girlfri abrogate and whatnot? What kind of foolishness is that to let som ebody take away your job? *Troy should feel almost hopeless for Cory, that he feels ilk a bad father for letting his son ring that it was okay for him to give up his job.For Troy, a job meant a tranquilize income, the crucial number determining the future of life. For example, taking care of the family and girlfriend. Losing a job to someone else means to lose the meaning of life to Troy, and he feels disgusted his son has done this* CORY. (a bit naive) Im still gonna be working weekends. TROY. (not having any of his sons foolishness) Naw naw. You getting your butt out of here and finding you another job. CORY. (again, pleading) Come on, Pop I got to practice. I cant work after school and play football too. The team needs me. Thats what Coach Zellman say TROY. yelling, declaring himself the of import male, making himself heard) camera captures takes of Rose in the house, hearing him yelling- I dont care what nobody else say. Im the boss you understand? Im the boss around here . I do the completely saying what counts. CORY. Come on Pop (throws hands up in extreme frustration) TROY. I ingested you did you understand? CORY. Yeah TROY. What? CORY. (a little defeated) Yessir. TROY. You go on down there to that A&P and see if you can get your job back. If you cant do both then you blockade the football team. Youve go to take the crookeds with the straights. CORY. hurt) camera holds still on Troy and Cory in the ray- *at this point, a full 5 second geological fault should be experienced, to set up Corys loaded skepticism. He doesnt understand why his father is treating him in this way, denying his hopes and dreams* Can I ask you a apparent motion? TROY. What the hell you wanna ask me? Mr. Stawicki the one you got the question for. CORY. (3 second pause, looks at Troy and scans him for attention) How come you aint never want me? *Troy is a little taken back from this loaded question his son has proposed to him, but instead of feeling compassion, he a mazes to rant and start an outburst*TROY. (after another pause) Liked you? Who the hell say I got to like you? What law is there say I got to like you? Wanna stand up in my face and ask a damn fool-ass question like that. Talking about liking somebody. Come here, boy, when I talk to you. -camera shifts as Cory has begun to distance himself from his father, but snaps back into his fathers grip as he gravitates back toward Troy to listen to his rant. Cory should seem as he is starting to regret asking this question- TROY. Straighten up, god dammit I asked you a question what law is there say I go to like you? CORY. coldly, as if one is responding to a monotonous interactive childrens TV show ) None. TROY. Well, all right then dupet you eat both day? (short pause, Troy does not mean to pose a rhetorical question, wants Cory to answer, but he does not) Answer me when I talk to you Dont you eat every day? CORY. (coldly, this time almost bitingly and blunt) Yeah. TROY. (fed up with Co rys disrespect and tone) Nigger, as long as you in my house, you put that sir on the end of it when you talk to me. CORY. (this time, a little mockingly) Yes sir. TROY. (hammering his point across into Corys head) You eat every day.CORY. (now in a maritime like tone, but still mockingly, Troy does not pick up on it) Yessir TROY. Got a roof over your head. CORY. Yessir TROY. Got clothes on your back. CORY. (no shipboard soldier tone, tired of the answering) Yessir. TROY. Why you think that is? CORY. Cause of you. TROY. Aw, hell I exist its cause of me but why do you think that is? -camera views shot of a Troy ready to go off, almost guaranteeing explosion but still giving Cory a chance to answer a question with no correct answer. CORY. (knowing this, answers hesitantly) Cause you like me. *at this point, Troy has at rest(p) mad.He has had enough of his sons foolishness and starts an outburst, ranting, but ranting with no real directionranting on emotion and impulse. The point the actor should send across to the audience is that Troy does not have any interest in his son other than assuring he lives with the right essentialsalmost as if Cory was a burden, rather than a son. It should not be apparent that Troy actually knows and is processing the lyric poem that are coming out of his mouth. Any normal, levelheaded, morally sound father would and should never say what Troy would say next in his rant.In Troys mind, Cory is just a responsibility and a nuisance that he needs to take care of. * TROY. Like you? I go out of here every morning bust my butt.. putting up with them crackers every day cause I like you? You about the biggest fool I ever saw. (pause) Its my job. Its my responsibility You understand that? A man goes to take care of his family Dont you try and go through life worrying about if somebody like you or not. You best be making sure they doing right by you. You understand what Im saying boy? CORY. *Cory is stunned.His own father, has just told him that he does not crawl in him or like him, or have to, for that matter. Cory, usually with something to say or argue with against his father, after this rant, has nothing left to say. Troys words has pierced him through his heart, and he realizes now that he no all-night can convince his father to support him in his dreams. He can only respond with one word* Yessir. TROY. (adding insult to injury, giving no remorse for the words he has just spoken to towards his son) Then get the hell out of my face, and get on down to that A&P. end direction- On the basis of my findings and examinations of the scene, I believe the function of this scene shows the family of Troy and Cory, and how Cory begins to resent and reject his father more and more. Troy is visibly different, changing from the casual, joking, and laid-back drinking man on Friday nights, to a hardhearted and stout individual. It shows how his lack of love for his son may reflect on the lack of love for his wife Rose, as we find out later in the play Troy has in fact cheated on his wife.

Relationship between Emotional Intelligence Abilities and Team Processes Essay

Clarkes article seeks to use the emotional cognizance might model to establish emotional learning services meaning as part of mortal difference among group members and if it can bear upon squad effectivity. It is a report on a research conducted utilise the force model of emotional intelligence to report the descent amongst EI and the transitional, action-based and inter- mortalal police squad functiones aspects of squad- subject field behaviours. The article also considers the base set by opposite researchers findings and theories concerning EI and its relationship to aggroup-work behaviours.In this research paper, Clarke discusses several previous researches done, on this topic, use different models and past conducts his own research using the emotional intelligence ability model. The reason for this research conducted by Clarke was to affirm better companionship of the nature of groupwork and also the factors contributing or underpinning squad effectuali ty, in stage to help organisations the expected gains brought by reasonableness emotional intelligence abilities.This pick out also sought to establish the significance of perceiving emotion, understanding emotions and using them to further persuasion, and managing ones own emotions as well as those of others. The primary(prenominal) Theoretical Predictions of This Study Clarke looks at previously conducted studies by other researchers. i of the things is that when the ability based measure is apply in that respect is absolute relationship mingled with the ability of a police squad attraction to have an understanding of emotion and the police squads customer-service team-rating based performance.Another thing is that there is a negative correlation in the midst of a team leaders EI and a managers ranking of a teams boilersuit performance. Another thing is that aggregated measures of team-members ability emotional intelligence designate positive correlations with a te ams ability emotional intelligence and a teams performance. similarly, there is no probative relationships betwixt the level measures of individuals, but rather noteworthy positive relationships between a teams civic virtue ratings by the participants and about all(prenominal) the individual emotional ability scores.The other part of the previous studies is where researchers apply the Workgroup Emotional Intelligence Profile, the WEIP. This measure assesses emotional intelligence using egotism/peer-report responses instead of tests based on performance. Some of these tests make a epoch-making correlation between the average emotional intelligence of a team and goal focus. In other words, team members who showed they had higher skills and to a greater extent familiarity caused a teams long suit to improve.The studies also showed positive relationships between a teams emotional intelligence and the use of differing collaborative and competing approaches to remainder resoluti on. One prediction is that EI will be put to be positively tie in to transition team processes. Clarke predicts that if relationships are examined a more(prenominal) betoken way between EI abilities and the differing transition, action as well as inter-personal team processes already pointed out as central to team effectiveness then the liable(predicate) enjoyment of EI ability in team effectiveness would be become clearer.In this case, EI abilities are predicted as directly affecting several(prenominal) of these specific team-work processes and interaction. Another prediction is that there is a stronger correlation between EI and actions, transitions and inter-personal team processes than between EI and individuals who are more oriented towards higher collectivism. Recognising the potential influence of emotion on decision making, problem solving, and creativity is a clear indication that EI plays an eventful part in team processes associated with face of strategies li ke the planning of tasks and allocation of roles and those related to goal specification.The relationship between EI and team-work behaviours which are associated with team processes can be moderated by a persons demandal nature towards team-work. Collectivist orientation is related to team behaviours like individual input to a team, and a groups cooperative team behaviour and negotiation behaviours. Higher efficacy for team-work as well as positive past experiences in a team are related to individuals self-report collectivism. Therefore, individuals collectivist orientations may show their degree of motivation for team-work.Consequently, there are interaction effects between EI abilities and individuals collectivist orientations. The Findings of Clarkes Study Clarkes study established that EI explained direct, unique variance in transition and inter-personal team processes as the two team process sets regarded as important role-players in team-effectiveness. But merely three EI i ndividual branches were of every importance, and they still were different in separately case. Concerning transition processes, there was embed a positive affiliation for the emotional ability only perceiving emotions in oneself and in others.This was a confirmation of previous research that showed a positive significant connection between goal focus and team-level EI ability measures. Also Clarke did not discover any significant connections between transition processes and the inhabit of the emotional intelligence abilities, suggesting that the transition processes is the most significant emotional ability when it comes to contributing to team behaviour associated with this incident team body process phase. The ability of an individual to perceive and appraise emotions accurately is the most important when it comes to using and acting on the emotional knowledge.This suggests that team members who have greater afferent awareness levels can engage to a great deal of effectiven ess in team behaviours like setting tasks and time-scales associated with means of achieving the team tasks. It was found that general moral ability is important at this team activity phase, but the ability of perceiving emotions accounted for 3% more variance to team members use in necessary team behaviour linked to this team effectiveness aspect.These two emotional abilities were the most important in helping team members to take part in inter-personal team processes, when they use emotions to facilitate thinking and managing ones emotions or those of others. The relationship between EI and team-work behaviours which are associated with team processes can be moderated by a persons motivational nature towards team-work. Collectivist orientation is related to team behaviours like individual input to a team, and a groups cooperative team behaviour and negotiation behaviours.Together, the two emotions accounted for 8% variance, while general mental ability was insignificant. Surpris ingly, no significant correlations were found between any of the EI abilities and team processes. These findings also suggest that where individuals in a team have a bigger share of outcomes in a team, or where are a great deal longer team durations or work cycles, emotional intelligence abilities can affect team action processes more significantly. 7 specific mise en scene variables were found to influence team type. These included the temporal duration, basic work cycle and teams task structures.Another finding is that there is a stronger connection between emotional intelligence and actions, transitions and interpersonal team processes than between EI and individuals who are more oriented towards higher collectivism. The potential influence of emotion on decision making, problem solving, and creativity clearly shows that emotional intelligence plays an important part in team processes associated with formulation of strategies like the planning tasks and role allocation and thos e related to goal design. This research paper shows how simplistic the disconsolate assertions on emotional intelligences importance to team effectiveness are.Differing emotional intelligence abilities are related to specific teamwork behaviour, which become significant during the stages of team activity. The findings also show that there is need for much more complex structures on the relationship between emotional intelligence and feature cognitive, verbal, and behavioural activities in a team. The findings can therefore be cogitate thus EI explains direct, unique variance in transition and inter-personal team processes only three individual EI branches, however, have any significance, and still, they were different in each case.How Organisations Can Make Use of These Findings These findings show that emotional intelligence is a significant part of individual differences among team members contributing to the effectiveness of a team. A teams effectiveness depends on its team me mbers abilities to perform behaviours that are related with specific processes at different stages of team activity. Individuals who have more developed emotional abilities in these circles will most likely make more significant contributions during such times. This may make team leaders role of allocating roles and responsibilities in a team less complicated.The instruments used to make assessments regarding these emotional abilities can help organisations to identify team members demonstrating strengths in finicky emotional abilities. Organisations can be able to call upon those individuals who show high levels of sensory awareness that is related to perceiving emotions to play more important roles during transition stages while focussing on setting of goals and planning of tasks. On the other hand, those individuals with better developed emotion management abilities may be called upon to play the more important part of supporting the teams inter-personal team processes. police s quad can also be able to focus on particular emotional abilities, by considering more focussed developmental activities. Learning interventions that are team-based and undertaken in a place of work can help individuals in an organisation to use their emotions more efficiently to enlighten their thinking. If understood better, the derivative instrument roles of emotional abilities in the performance of necessary team processes can impart about development of more effective, focussed interventions.By identifying how EI is related to particular team processes linked with differing stages of team activity, organizations can be able to identify operational conditions of emotional intelligence. Emotional abilities were found to be directly related to transition as well as interpersonal team processes, although EI abilities were not related to action team processes. The crucial finding that EI abilities variation in inter-personal team processes are greater than for any other team proces s suggests that EI could be of far greater importance in teams where interpersonal team processes are by far more dominant.Therefore, selecting team members on the al-Qaida of their strengths in particular emotional abilities can help organizations develop more focussed ways of attaining more effectiveness in their teams at differing stages of team activity. These findings can also help organisations have a clearer picture when it comes to conducting coming(prenominal) research. References Clarke, N. (2009). Emotional Intelligence Abilities and Their Relationships with Team Processes. Team Performance Management, 161/2, 1352-7592.

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Drink Less Coke, More Water Essay

Purpose To persuade the audience to drink slight puff and to a greater extent peeing. Thesis drink coke and well-nigh other quinine waters are catastrophic to the consistency. potable slight dad (especi whollyy coke) and more(prenominal) water go away help you to become an overall healthy soulfulness with slight health problems in the ample run.Organizational Pattern Monroes Motivated SequenceIntroductionAttention Getting Device What would it s exterminate a representation to clean run into an old, rusted coin? Many of you might conceptualise any simple cleaning product would get the job through but, this is not so. The answer Im envisioning for is coke. Thats right, coke. blow is so strong that it can remove dirt, rust and grime score of almost any surface. Along with this, it can stain your teeth and melt tooth enamel. So my next question to you all is why, do we love to impersonate something so strong and hazardous inside of our gentle bodies? Source tal ly to restorative can puddle atoxicpoisonouslethal savage seriously harmful effect on your entire body. Drinking club pa pop is a sure-fire way to age faster accessed on June 19, 2012. Significance Today many adults and even children face the issues of being open to successfully consume enough specs of water a day to maintain the functions of the laborious body.Credibility As a former excessive coke drinker who has went from inebriety countless glaze of coke a day to today drinking a coke (or any soda) less than a a few(prenominal) times a week I am credible to speak on this topic. Thesis Drinking coke and other sodas are harmful to the body. Drinking less soda (especially coke) and more water will help you to become an overall healthier person with less health problems in the long run. Preview First, I will let off the harmful effects of soda in general on the body. Second, I will describe a technique I used to throw an end to my daily over consumption of sod a. Finally, I will manage my results of the described techniques with the audience.Organizational Pattern Monroes Motivated Sequence musical passage Lets get started There is no claim to take off years of your life by drinking soda. BodyI.Main purport 1- Drinking soda (especially coke) on a constant foothold is hurtful to your health. In order to be a healthier person you should congeal your soda consumption to a minimum. A. This situation needs to be handled as soon as possible. Soda is horrible for the body. 1. By this point you all are aware that soda is adult for your health but, exactly how big(a) is it? Soda has many effects on the body that you wouldnt cipher a tasty non alcoholic drink would cause. However, after years of drinking it one might ask to themselves Whats wrong with drinking soda? Well, today I am here to answer nevertheless that.2. Drinking soda, according to soda causes issues with kidney and reproductive organs, dissolves tooth enamel, and increases try of obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and even asthma. In the May issue of the American Journal of Nutrition it was stated that masses who consumed more than one soda per day piddle an increased risk of stroke. Accessed on June 19,2012. 3. I know personally that since I have stop drinking sodas as much as I use to I have engenderd drastic weight changes. Along with weight loss, I generally felt bust and not so groggy throughout the day. B.You only get one body, so treat it kind. The ingredients used and the mensuration you consume both have a drastic effect on your health.1. Soda, goes far beyond the yummy beverage that is served with your meal at Mcdonalds. Soda, is change with ingredients that do horrifying damage to your internal organs in the long run. According to some of the ingredients ready in soda are high up Fructose Corn Syrup, Aspartame, Caffeine, Phosphoric Acid and Citric Acid. A moot mentioned on accessed on Ju ne 19, 2012 the 2010 FASEB scientific Journal, found that the excessive phosphate levels found in sodas caused lab rats to die a full five weeks introductory than the rats whose diets had more normal phosphate levels2. In a recent study, the beverage Marketing Corporation found that the average American drinks 44.7 gallons of soda all year. 44.7 gallons is about 375 pounds. Thats about 487 cans or 286 bottles or 85 2-liters top-flight its competition of bottled water, beer, milk and coffee. This information was found on accessed on June 20, 2012. 3. Specialists from the American Heart Association recommend consuming no more than 450 calories from breadstuff sweetened beverages per week, which is the amount in troika cans of cola. This information was found and accessed on June 20, 2012. Transition- Now that you know some facts about soda, I will exempt how to get on the right path to success. II. Main Point2 In order to prevent the health issues previousl y stated, you should begin to assign your soda consumption. A.Personally, I began my limit my consumption by drinking fewer and fewer bottles of coke a day. For example, if I usually drank 7 glasses of coke I would now drink 6 and have a glass of water.1.This helps you because it makes the transition not so hard. Along with this it helps you to be adequate to(p) to clearly distinguish the difference between how your body feels when you drink soda versus when you drink water.2.Some people prefer to go cold bomb and just stop drinking soda all at once but, from my experience by using this method you are more likely to pray and have withdraws which in turn will lead to failure. Another way I began to limit my soda consumption is by purchasing less sodas. Personally, I believe if you dont have any sodas in your house, you cant drink it as much.a.To achieve overall better health you will need to limit your soda consumption. It is necessary. b.There are three steps you will need to ma ke in order to disembarrass your body of hazardous chemicals and health issues caused by soda.I.First, you will need to come upon that you have a soda consumption problem. If you only drink a few cups of soda a week you wont genuinely need to rid your body of soda. A good way to chink if you need to make changes is if your piss is on a normal basis darker than the colouring material of lemonade. If it is leaning towards a medium yellow and gold color you need to drink more water. II.Second, after you have identified that you have a problem or need todrink less you will need to pick one of the two methods I previously stated. each the day by day method or the cold turkey method. III.Third, after you have chosen a method you can now begin your process of drinking less coke and drinking more water.Try your best to keep a record of how many glasses of soda and water you are drinking each day. Transition- Once you have done the necessary actions, there are a few results you should impart to see. III. Main Point3 Finally, after about a few days or a week take a look at your progress and determine if that method authentically worked for you or if you need to alter things. A.After you have taken the proper steps necessary you should be drinking more water than before, have a lighter urine color and feel healthier overall. Additionally, if you have taken it seriously and really cut back on sodas you should lose a few pounds. B.If, for some reason you do not follow through with limiting your soda consumption you will increase your chances of numerous health issues and takes years off your life. Transition- Now to sum it all upConclusionThesis Drinking coke and other sodas are harmful to the body. Drinking less soda (especially coke) and more water will help you to become an overall healthier person with less health problems in the long run.Preview First, I explained the harmful effects of soda in general on the body. Second, I described a technique I used to p ut an end to my daily over consumption of soda. Finally, I share the general results from technique I used with the audience.Return to AGD Now that I have told you the harmful effects of coke. Dont put harmful chemicals in your body and dont let a beautiful smile go to wasteWorks Cited(n.d.). Retrieved June 19, 2012, from Oleda http// Baxamusa, B. N. (2012, February 17). Soda Ingredients . Retrieved June 19, 2012, from http// Chan,C. (2011, June 27). The Average American Drinks 45 Gallons of Soda a Year. Retrieved June 20, 2012, from http// Jampolis, D. M. (2012, May 18). Is drinking soda really that bad for you? Retrieved June 19, 2012, from http// Main, E. (n.d.). 5 Disturbing Side Effects of Soda. Retrieved June 19, 2012, from http//

Branches of Philosophy Essay

Thesis This essay project with answer different questions to the six branches of school of thought. The branches ar Metaphysics-is well-nighthing real? Epistemology-How do we know? Ethics-What is justifiedly or wrong? Aesthetics- Is something scenic? Political- What presidency is best? And Social- How should we act in in society. Six Branches of Philosophy There are six branches of philosophy. There is Metaphysics, Epistemology, Ethics, Aesthetics, Political, and Social. Each branch use ups us all specific types of questions that we ask ourselves each and every day. Some of these questions we ask without even realizing that we contrive done so.Metaphysics is the first branch of Philosophy in this dealion. This asks the question of what is real. At an early age we are taught that thither is a heaven and e deviceh. At different terms we ask ourselves is in that location unfeignedly a heaven. Based on what we are taught I believe there is a heaven and that there bequeath come a time in our life that we will be in the place created by God called heaven. According to the bible, God created man from the dust of the earth. We recognize in the physical world and the spiritual world depends on each someones spiritual belief.I believe each one of us has a soul. I believe the soul stays around love ones until the day of reckoning. I believe all people hurt supernumerary will but different circumstances determine what happens to us thru fate. The psychological world I believe consists of our mind and the world that we chose to create for ourselves to reside in. The Epistemology branch asks us the question of how is anything known. Things that are known are taught to us from our parents and by teachers in school. We are taught different things thru text books and by experience.Thru different experiences we learn how to conduct ourselves around other people and we gain experience by studying the different works of scientists and scholars. There are non any limits to human understanding. Each psyches understanding depends on them. Some people understand things differently than others and each souls limits differ from others. I dont believe there is a relationship between faith and reason. Faith goes along with ethics and virtuouss. I dont fully understand what artificial intelligence is. The undermentioned branch of philosophy is the Ethics branch.We are taught from an early age the dissimilarity of right and wrong. Laws tell us what is or isnt right and as humans if we break these laws we are punished. To me being a good somebody means to follow the golden rule Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. I believe that virtue does lead to happiness. If you do what is right by others consequently others will have the tendency to follow your lead. I believe society affects devotion. This all depends on the circumstances in which you live. If you live in an area that has a lot of crime and hatred so you have the tenden cy to follow others in that area.If you set high moral standards for yourself then no matter where you live or the types of people you are surrounded with wont affect you. I think that morality is more culture based. Each person has to choose how they apply the ethical motive they are taught at an early age to their adult lives. Each person has different morals that they live by and have to decide how these will be applied. The next branch of philosophy we are going to discuss is the Aesthetics branch. This brings up the question of what is beautiful. In my opinion beauty is in the eye of the beholder and each culture has what they regard as to what is beautiful. contrivance depicts the creators looking atings or ideas as to what they believe beauty is. wile can be successful and valuable to the creator and also to the person that enjoys different art forms. To one person a piece of art might have beauty to it and to another person it might be just horrendous. So therefore beauty in art whitethorn or may not matter to all people. The next idea is the political branch of philosophy. I believe the best type of government is the democratic government. This form of government, people do have a down in the mouth voice in different matters.I think the government should have limited power and that the government should listen to the common people as to what the needs of the population are. I believe that if the common person had the exponent to be more involved in the government of today then the needs of the common person would be made possible thru a vast majority voice. The last branch of discussion is the Social branch. I believe this branch is determined thru the ethics branch of philosophy. People shouldnt have to give up rights just to live in a specific society. We should be able to live our lives the way we now and by the morals and ethics we have built for ourselves.I think some people act according to the surroundings they are in at different times. W ith many different cultures of society today, I believe there is a large lyric poem barrier. With all the different cultures communications has father a big issue. Each culture believes that their language should be the language spoken. I believe that there needs to be one common language spoken and then different societies of people wouldnt feel as if they were being mistreated or neglected. Reference Baird, F. E. , & Kaufmann, W. E. (2000). Ancient philosophy. velocity Saddle River, NJ Prentice Hall. M. U. S. E. My Unique Student Expeience.

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Tokyo essy

I will be talking to the highest degree the urban center of capital of lacquer. capital of Japan is well known and is very interesting with some(prenominal) great attractions and a Brobdingnagian economy. capital of Japan is the capital of Japan and is the about densely populated cities of the country. Since antediluvian patriarch times, the city has been virtuoso of the almost densely populated cities of the country. Tokyo is the largest metropolitan area in the humanness. The Tokyo chief city was formed in 1943. Tokyo was originally a fishing village named Edo. Tokyo isnt Just a city, it is a megacity.Tokyo is great now hardly Just 400 geezerhood ago this global powerhouse was elfin ore than a backwater castle town on the shores of the muddy Sumida River. Over the past(a) century it has been in twain ways virtually annihilated. It almost first collapsed during the 1923 Great Kanto seism and subsequent firestorm, and again in 1945 after the devastation of the Allie d bombings. each(prenominal) time it has risen like a phoenix from the ashes, reborn in an ever- much-modern reflection of itself. Tokyo know shines and is a great city to be a part of.The political economy of Tokyo is very capacious and the city revolves around the tribe, environment and Jobs. Though it occupies only 0. 6% of the agree area of Japan, the people density is nearly 5,655 persons per square kilometers, thereby reservation is one of the most populated cities of the world. As on October 1st, 2003 the people of the city stood at 12. 369 million. Tokyo has the largest metropolitan economy in the world. Tokyo has a total GDP of IJS$I . 479 trillion in. As of 2009, 51 of the companies listed on the Global 500 are based in Tokyo, almost twice that of the second-placed city (Paris).Tokyo is a study international finance center. It houses the headquarters of some(prenominal) of the worlds largest investment banks and insurance ompanies, and serves as a hub for Japans t ransportation, publishing, and broadcasting industries. During the centralized reaping of Japans economy following solid ground War II, many large firms go their headquarters from cities such as Osaka, to Tokyo, in an attempt to take utility of better access to the regimen. This trend has begun to slow due to ongoing population crop in Tokyo and the high cost of living there.It is the most expensive city in the world to live in for 14 years in a row until 2006. Another aspect that helped score Tokyo to what it is is The Tokyo Stock Exchange. It is Japans largest stock exchange, and third largest in the world by market capitalization and fourth largest by share turn everywhere. tourism in Tokyo is also a huge contributor to the economy. In 2006, 4. 81 million foreigners and 420 million Japanese visits to Tokyo were made the scotch value of these visits totaled 9. 4 trillion yen according to the government of Tokyo.Many tourists visit the various downtowns, stores, and enterta inment districts throughout the neighborhoods. Besides banking and stock aspect, Tokyo had 8,460 ha (20,900 acres) of agricultural land as of 2003. The farmland is c at one timentrated in Western Tokyo. Perishables such as vegetables, fruits, and roseolas can be conveniently shipped to the markets in the eastern part ot the pretecture. Komatsuna and spinach are the most important vegetables as of 2000, Tokyo supplied 32. 5% of the komatsuna sold at its central produce market.With 36% of its area covered by forest, Tokyo has extensive growths of cryptomeria and Japanese cypress, especially in the mountainous western communities of Akiruno, me, Okutama, HachiJi, Hinode, and Hinohara. Tokyo Bay was in one case a major source of fish. Presently, most of Tokyos fish production comes from the outer(prenominal) islands, such as Izu shima and HachiJJima. Skipjack tuna, nori, and ali are among the ocean products. (Wikipedia) Tokyo was built because of the people and because of the Jobs an d opportunities.Throughout the years, Tokyo has expanded the companies and businesses and became one the most expensive cities in all aspects in the world. The culture and urban ecology of Tokyo is general and a big part of the community. Over the years, people from the other prefectures of Japan gradually moved into this city, thereby leading to a massive growth in its population. The population of the city is divided into Juveniles, working age population and the aged population. The Juvenile age groups range from 0-14 years, the working age ranges from 15-64 years while the aged population ranges from 65 years and above.As per the figures provided in January 2003, the tether age groups constitute nearly 1 1. 9%, 70. 9% and 17. 1% respectively, of the total population of the city. The aged population of the country is particularly on the rise over here. Tokyds population is also higher due to the huge come of people who commute everyday to this city from the nearby prefectures for poring over or for working. Because of this reason, the daytime population of Tokyo is higher than the nighttime population. Tokyo is home to a number of foreign nationals. As on January 2005, the number of foreign residents found in the country stood at 353,826.The five major nationalities of the foreign residents staying in this country consist of British, Chinese, American, Korea and Philippine. The natives to Tokyo are called Tokyoites. Tokyo is also a great landscape and has great scenery. Tokyo is one of few places in the world where a flower can lick an entire city to a state of near-sexual excitement. carmine blossoms last for less(prenominal) than two weeks and are symbolic, of the impermanence of life, the sadness underlying its exquisite beauty. Cherry blossoms fall in their prime, as samurai warriors were meant to do.High-end kurabu bar hostesses compose themselves into human ikebana flower arrangements with the same eye for art and beauty as the geisha who once f requented the pleasure districts of old Edo, famous throughout Japan. Look out over Tokyo and you will see a 21st-century megalopolis, a city of vitreous skyscrapers ringed by an elevated super toll road, like a modern Great Wall of China. But Tokyo is far more than that. Its a place where the past is inextricably woven into the present where pockets of ancient traditions dont Just survive, they hrive in the midst of an ultramodern consumer culture.Architecture in Tokyo has generally been shaped by Tokyos history. The socio- psychological aspect of Tokyo is very interesting. in two ways in recent history, the metropolis has been left in ruins first in the 1923 Great Kant earthquake and later after extensive firebombing in World War II. Because of this, Tokyos urban landscape consists mainly ot modern and contemporary computer architecture, and onetime(a) buildings are scarce. Tokyo features many internationally famous forms of modern architecture including Tokyo International Fo rum, Asahi Beer Hall, Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower, NTT Docomo Yoyogi Building and Rainbow Bridge.Tokyo also features two distinctive towers Tokyo Tower and the new Tokyo Skytree which is the tallest tower in Japan and the second tallest structure in the world. Tokyo also contains numerous parks and gardens. There are four national parks in Tokyo Prefecture, including the Fuji- Hakone-lzu National Park, which includes all of the Izu Islands. All the parks and fields are sights to see and enjoyed by many people and still making people enjoy that they live there. The fut